Eau de Cèdre by Armani (2015)


Oddly similar to a sort of fresher flanker of Cerruti 1881 Amber meets Declaration and Armani Eau de Nuit at first, Eau de Cèdre opens with a blast of acrid, desperately artificial notes of cardamom, musk, cedar, a subtle generic soapy-floral accord, a light sort of depressing musky synthetic leather (Essence de Cerruti style), something smooth and lavender-like, amber, and a conventional head accord of mandarine-infused citrus notes. The composition itself wouldn’t be that bad, as it’s basically a refurbished classic “eau de cologne” structure with a contemporary touch (suede, powdery amber), but the quality of the notes – of any note here – is really, really too mediocre to make some sense. There’s a heavy feel of uninspired cheapness and flatness all over which makes Eau de Cedre smell as refined and interesting as a crippled emergency cone. It doesn’t stink but I don’t really see why one should look for this – maybe for the drydown, which is slightly better and pleasantly smooth (to the point of being worthy the wait and the nonsense first phases? No, not really). Armani fragrances have never been the state-of-the-art of perfumery, but this falls quite among the worst ones for me.


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