June poop!

Fragrant poop from my June tests. As usual, no pics, no years, no noses for the shame corner - you don't want details, do you?


Sì by Giorgio Armani

The opening is the quintessential basics of chain-store chic: fruity-floral galaxolide (that beloved, generic, tasty shampoo feel), a bold aldehydes-driven roundness, creamy musky notes (milky ketones), a light green touch a totally anonym floral bouquet, glossy as a stock archive image of a bunch of flowers. Pleasantly, uselessly dull.


Onyx Pearl by Agonist

Onyx Pearl opens with a cozy, transparent, artificial bouquet of woody/velvety aromachemicals, among which probably Iso E, cashmeran, ambroxan, a salty metallic note which may be due to some aldehydes, some synthetic amber, counter-balanced – not that well, to me – by a central note delivering quite a weird and nondescript smell, really dry and rubbery, somehow sticky and terpenic too, sweet-ish and cloying, halfway agarwood and pineapple, if that makes some sense. If that's leather, it's a leather sub-genre I did not knew and I don't really need to explore further, as I find "that" note, or accord, frankly unpleasant and disturbing, not in a good way. As soon as some dissonances vanish away, it all progressively simplifies into something a bit more enjoyable and interesting, that "thing" slowly becomes a more recognizable synthetic leather/suede note, still not exactly pleasant to me (again, a weird rubbery-sweet-salty concoction, just lighter than before), but you feel it's on its way to settle down to something nicer. Which in fact happens after a couple of hours, you basically remain with the plain, but aromatic, silky and sophisticated coziness o Iso E/cashmeran drydown, that kind of woody-suede feel. Overall I find this scent a bit messy and uninspired, which manages to become only barely pleasant thanks to the effortless - but kind of generic and cheap - elegance of the abovementioned aromachemicals. More than "uninspired" I actually don't get its point precisely. Perhaps it's my lack of sensitivity for "avant-garde" scents, but it's a "no" for me.


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