Two more picks from Costume National Scents

Here I reviewed Costume National best scent ever for me - here's another couple of very good ones.

Costume National 21

Year: 2007
Nose: IFF

The opening of 21 is not far from Scent Intense to some extent, you easily spot the same nose behind the two scents. An elusive and captivating potion of synthetics and naturals which smells completely new and futuristic to me, chic, modern, clean but not minimalist, rather dense and tasty. Basically it's a complex, yet incredibly harmonic and tight blend of milky white musks, violet, bergamot, perhaps aniseed, cedar and aromatic cozy woods (cashmeran), a patchouli note transfigured in a silky and dusty satin "synthesis" of it... Then vanillin, tonka, a tiny fruity heart halfway zesty, plummy and peachy (this is the main thing in common with Scent Intense, apart from the general style). Finally a light cumin spicy breeze arises, airy and thin. The contrasting interplay between the silky musks, the flowers, the spices and the dusty base notes is pure elegance and genius. Deeply aromatic and compact, some notes smell clear and sharp, some other incredibly blended one into another, the result is an utterly elegant, irresistible, milky, narcotic and dusty concoction, pure and pale but sexy and shady at the same time. A salty-mineral note of aldehydes gives the structure a contemporary metallic, almost iodine feel. Splendid materials and a talented nose for a refined, versatile, classy, sexy, incredibly good smelling, totally and genuinely "new", finally also decently-priced scent... What would you ask more?




Year: 2002
Nose: Laurent Bruyere

A whiter, lighter, more delicate version of Scent Intense, with a more floral-linen soul and less darker contrasts, less warm-sticky ambery woods. Personally I prefer the Intense version (so basically my same review for that applies here too), as it sounds more interesting, fascinating and "stereo", but this may be a good lighter and more luminous alternative.


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