Horoof Otriyah by Arabian Oud

Great, great stuff here. Horoof is a velvety, woody, sweet, extremely pleasant scent with an irresistible sensual vein; it’s smoky and gently spiced, with mellow amber-resinous notes and a veil of black soft leather. The smokiness here is provocative, sophisticated, and more than captivating thanks to the (non-gourmand) touch of dusty sweetness. The blend is quite simple actually, as it’s all about wood, smoke, light sweet stuff (candied-fruity), sweet spices and leather; but it smells pretty much unique to me, much Eastern somehow, as far as my limited knowledge can tell (mostly based on clichés): it’s something really cozy and warm but also enigmatic, luring, mysterious, shady and almost “narcotic”. But just next to all this charming and sophisticated side, it also has a fantastic laid-back bright side, which makes it just plain gorgeous to wear: that type of carefree “good” which puts a smile on your face and just goes great with any outfit, in any situation, with any mood, and by no means smelling “generic”. It’s an “easy” scent apparently, but with something making it more fascinating, memorable and irresistible than it may seem. Plus, it smells totally “expensive”: the notes are warm, rich, bright, sparkling, with a luscious velvety smokiness which you may find in Amouage or Lutens’ scents. At a fraction of the price here. Much linear though, but being so good, it’s totally fine. Solid and gratifying.


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