L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain (2014)

Before finally getting a sample (I don’t really hang out in perfume shops) I read a lot of reviews about this, mostly negative, but I was quite sure I would have like this the same, even taking into account its mediocrity, as I admit I have a bit of a “penchant” sometimes for mainstream scents with this type of pyramid – I mean: woods, leather, Guerlain, in the worst scenario it will be just ok. Well, I was disappointed: L’Homme Ideal is less than mediocre for me. Basically it smells of spicy-sweet wood, something reminding of a couple of late (shit) Gucci's, a thin note of synthetic leather, vetiver, a sprinkle of citrus and not much else. A generic spicy-fresh “boisé” to any extent similar to others which you may find at cheaper prices, as much pleasant as uninspired and dull. What disappointed me the most is the actual quality of materials, as far as I can tell: this smells just utter plastic to me. I won’t say it is hideous however, as it isn’t, it obviously smells “decent” in the less fulfilling and interesting meaning ever (artificial, static, linear, in a word: exceedingly boring). The thing in my opinion is that this is stuff Burberry or Ferrari would do, not bloody Guerlain. It’s a “Christmas perfect gift” for your 20-something brother which works at the gym and is running out of 1 Million. Zillions of miles away from a scent standing on the same shelf as Habit Rouge, Vetiver, Derby, Mouchouir de Monsieur, not to mention the glorious feminines or I’ll start to cry. Unworthy its price per se, and surreally depressing for being a Guerlain. For whom may think this represents Guerlain’s ability of taking a “trend” and giving it a “Guerlain’s treatment”: hell not. Where’s the treatment? I only see the (bad) trend.


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