Ameer Al Oudh by Lattafa Perfumes

My journey among cheap Arabian eau de parfums continues.

The first minutes of Ameer Al Oudh on skin are basically a blast of harsh alcohol, but once the scent “settles” on skin and blossoms up, it’s a woody oud beauty. One of the nicest mid-range oud-based eau de parfums I have ever tried (not taking into account oud oils, therefore, which are obviously just another experience). It’s a really simple scent, but exceedingly pleasant, well made, civilized and discreet enough to be perfect versatile and easy to pull off – contrary to other Arabian inexpensive fragrances, which sometimes are too powerful and a bit tacky. Ameer Al Oudh is an austere, and really “woody” oud, slightly sweetened by a roasted-sugar and vanillic base, a sprinkle of cinnamon and perhaps a hint of leather. It’s not a skanky-animalic barnyard oily oud, rather - like in M7 or Dior’s Leather Oud, it smells dry, woody, medicinal, smoky and slightly nutty, with just a hint of sweat, but nothing really challenging. Realistic and intense, and of a totally respectable quality as far as I can tell. Surely miles above the openly-synthetic oud notes like you find in many far more costly Western ouds. I am not an expert of oud, but here I definitely smell something woody, organic, thick, true to life. The price is ridicolous, I got a 100 ml bottle of this for 25 EUR shipped from Kuwait and it’s worthy every penny – actually it would be easily worthy double that price as well, considering the oud scents we’re used to in Europe and USA. It’s not a masterpiece but it’s solid, rich and classy, with just the right sillage (not a bomb, more on the discreet side) and a fantastic persistence, with even a nice evolution playing different chords as time pass (smoky, nutty, dark nuances), as you may expect with oud. Recommended!


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