Histoires de Parfums - Edition Rare: Veni, Vidi, Vici




Patchouli, vanillin, cardamom, cinnamon, resins, a dark, dry woody base, an odd note which I can not identify (something halfway aniseed and saffron?), flowers, green-herbal notes (sage?). A bold note of aldehydes, which gives the scent that peculiar modern, metallic airy-dusty vibe to the scent. Finally I also detect a slight leather-like note on the base, dry and shady but quite subtle and discreet (it may just be the drier side of resins). There is something sweet and floral that reminds me of L'instant pour homme by Guerlain, not the entire scent, just this note, something like violet and some sweet-silky resin notes (galbanum or caramel). To be honest this all appears a bit "mute" to me, a bit boring and monotone, heavily synthetic in a non-creative way. Some of the initial notes are pleasant, e.g. patchouli and the uncommon aroma of saffron, but they vanish quite soon, leaving the stage for hours to a sort of bold, monolithic "dry resins galore" with just some ultra light (therefore, pointless?) dissonant breezy floral-spicy notes. Frankly I don't "get" it globally, maybe it's me, but more than "bad" I guess I may say this scent smells confused and uninspired.




Vidi opens with an explosion of Iso E Super, ambroxan and most probably another couple of prominent aromachemicals (cashmeran, something airy-minty, something rubber on the base, and a slight iodine-salty note). Pretty much it, a bunch of ingredients used "naked and raw" as they are. Some salty, minty, woody and ambery nuance float around, all completely artificial, as pleasant as any supermarket scent can be (mostly because of being made with the same ingredients, and the same zero degree of elaboration). It tastes of cheap designer. Not stinky but to me, completely useless.




The opening of Vici is pleasant and juicy, I smell a lot of aromatic, vibrant herbs (like sage, bay leaf, that kind of Ambre Sultan herbal accords), flowers, something tasty and fruity (blackcurrants, peach?). Then also quite a massive dose or aromachemicals (Iso E for sure) to give the scent that classy, sought-after ordinary plainness and predictability so many niche houses look so fond of lately. It quite reminds me of Daim Blond, less suede and more herbs (and less quality, less complexity, less elegance). It then evolves more or less on the same main accords, a dry herbal-hay base still with a touch of fruits and a slight mossy-earthy accord. Pleasant but plain and uselessly already-seen.


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