Zino Davidoff by Davidoff (1986)

Testing Zino Davidoff (vintage version, which now I happily own among my scents) has been one of those moments that reminded me why I like perfumes and testing new things all the time, without prejudices. I did not know this fragrance to be honest, until I received a miniature. I quite enjoy Davidoff tobacco, but I did not really think Zino Davidoff (the scent) was worth any rush to test it... well however last night I applied some on my hand just for curiosity, and – wow! – the very first thing that came to my mind was: this smells *great*. It surprised me – like it happens to me really once in a while. To make things clear before talking about notes and comparisons, the most immediate, solid and sound quality of Zino Davidoff is that it smells terribly, irresistibly, undeniably good. Then, it's also a totally peculiar scent, it just imprints itself in your memory from the very fist sniff. The people which compare this to Dior Homme are right in my opinion: in fact, it somehow smells like an "uncle" of Dior Homme, a desaturated, more mature and somehow darker version of Dior's contemporary classic. Which in 1988 is quite avantgarde. Basically, Zino Davidoff is a rose-patchouli woody scent with an overall dusty sweetness, creamy notes of sandalwood and ylang, and "something" all around which smells halfway tobacco and soft modern leather (but it's neither of the two). Superb drydown, cozy and refined, worth the waiting and as much beautiful as the opening. Not a powerhouse despite the age, fairly different from more canonic fougères: actually it's quite more similar to early '90s brighter/sweeter masculine scents, but even more modern than those, and also "manlier" somehow. Warm, versatile, cozy and relaxed, masculine for sure but with a subtle feminine vein (like Ténéré by Rabanne, to which in fact, Zino Davidoff slightly resembles to some extents). Not intrusive or challenging, but as I said, it's quite unique, so better test it and familiarise with it before eventually purchasing it – not a predictable and safe crowdpleaser for sure. An underrated beauty!


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