My favourite vintage Hermès...

... are Equipage and Bel Ami. Actually, despite the general hype which tends more towards the second, I am afraid I personally prefer Equipage over Bel Ami. Mostly because Bel Ami - undoubtedly a great scent, and probably my favourite leather of all times - has a lot of sons, grandsons, friends, brothers and nephews, while Equipage has basically no family and no heritage - pure uniqueness, which continues proudly to stand alone today (and I've a penchant for loners...). I feel it has always been a bit underrated and wrongly considered just "another classy scent". While to me it's incredible. Sometimes I sniff it even only from the bottle and I get this incredible whiff of humid pipe tobacco, stored in a high-quality leather pouch, lying in a woody closet  - which I've never experienced with any other scent (surely not the tobacco ones - but they go mad for Feuilles de Tabac and Tobacco Vanille out there... you get what I mean!). So soft, rich, wet, manly. Pure self-confident class and pure haute parfumerie.

(while about Bel Ami, I already reviewed the guy here)

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