Coquillete Paris: Tudor

Coquillete Paris (Paris, Italy...) is since a couple of years quite a hyped "new sensation" of the Italian niche market, which given the quality of the fragrances, seems to me owing its success pretty much entirely to the support of "friendly" bloggers and forums. This new Tudor they showcased at Pitti Fragranze, preceded by a (imho) hilariously kitsch video teaser, has sadly all the features of a chainstore fragrance: it's basically a woody rose scent with an alleged "dark" side I don't get that much, and a trendy-youngster vibe all over - pretty much like dozens of mainstream scents targeted at young women. Besides rosewood, which smells more like plain rose *and* wood, a balmy-creamy floral heart of galaxolide, a slightly earthy base of mossy notes, patchouli and benzoin, all rounded by vanillin and perhaps white musk ketones. Shortly after the first hour, it's all about a generic, dry, fairly plain and slightly dark rose-woody blend with no specific notes detectable. As much pleasant as uninspired, mediocre and dull, with barely decent materials (metallic and rubbery nuances, low projection and persistence). The price is not that high, at least, but in my opinion it's still not worth it. Strictly for parvenus.


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