Danger pour Homme by Roja Dove (2011)


Heritage by Guerlain or, to a lesser extent, Zino Davidoff anyone? First thing that came to mind. If I had paid that amount for this I would be *so* pissed off. Anyway... besides being a hilariously pathetic rip-off of the two bottled gents mentioned above, Danger pour Homme is a decently executed woody-spicy scent, dry and earthy, with a slight animalic note (synthetic castoreum) and a general late fougère structure. I smell patchouli, a sort of mossy-earthy camphoraceous base, a dry thin layer of leather, synthetic but pleasantly thick ambergris, aldehydes, spices (a lot of cumin, then cloves) a sweet breeze carrying a spicy-nutty feel (tonka, rhubharb). Which, as I said, strongly reminds me of Heritage and other similar perfumes - whereas Fetish pour Homme plagiarized Moschino pour Homme and vintage Bel Ami, this one is all about early '90s. The scent itself is decent, even if completely lacking in depth, substance and interest, contrary to the vintages it clumsily tries to emulate. Surely better that many other niche scents, I won't argue that. After a couple of hours, so basically on the drydown, there is even room for a nice twist; it arises a fresh, slightly minty balsamic breeze with a subtle sweet-anisic feel, and also the leather emerges better together with a fougère herbal-spicy. This "moves" Danger a bit far from that unbearable resemblance to Heritage, which does not disappear obviously, but at least becomes less noticeable. But that occurs too late to make me change my mind. Uncreative, uninspired and pretentious. And even with a below-average persistence.


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