Barry Lyndon EDP by Maria Candida Gentile

Year: 2010
Nose: Maria Candida Gentile

Spectacular opening, romantic and lively like an impressionist painting. Top-quality lavender and vetiver, great soft artemisia notes, on a warm and cozy but still delicate and subtle amber-vanillic base. Really bright and crisp. Fresh citrus-peppery notes with just a feel of mentholated earthy liquorice, blended with a spicy-camphor accord, both subtle and aerial. Then a great, vibrant, dense leather note emerges - quite a unique leather note, really "alive" and soft, peculiar and fairly rare to find like this. Sadly it does not last much long. On the drydown, it is in fact so delicate it's almost absent. The drydown tends more on the balsamic and dried-flowers side, with something close to Mitsouko, and again a persistent camphor note (which to be honest gets a bit boring after a while). Then after a while, a twist again, the leather note comes over again with a vanillic aroma. Great persistence. A tiny couple of "no" in an otherwise gorgeous scent!


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