Eau Mohéli EDP by Diptyque

Year: 2013
Nose: Olivier Pescheux

Fresh, green, floral-fruity opening, with bold peppery notes and a sweet, resinous but still discreet base – light, silky benzoin. The ginger-ylang accord is sparkling and pungent, and that is pretty much the main thing you get – you will like it at first, but as soon as you realise that is what you are going to get for hours... it gets a bit boring. After a while you also get some slight, weird camphor/metallic feel at the very base, I guess some "rounding" fixative unexpectedly popping out. Nice, organic notes of earthty patchouli & vetiver – good vetiver. Mellow musks. Overall this fragrance is green and fresh, but with an interesting sort of narcotic, soothing and meditative feel – even if there is no notes usually associated with this (e.g., incense or "heavy" flowers like narcissus or tuberose). Slight sharp red-bitter fruity notes. Fairly evocative and pleasant, but as I said above... a bit boring after a while. Quite powerful; I could smell this under my sweater. Long-lasting persistence.


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