Panasch EDP by WienerBlut

Year: 2012
Nose: Pierre Constantin Gueros

A nice surprise from a brand I never heard of before receiving a sample. The opening is nice, linear, definitely in that minimal/contemporary field like CdG. But, it is still much aromatic and slightly more gentle, not that "martial": cedar and Iso E create an evocative, ascetic and even a bit harsh "raw" wood feel, while there is also a soft and mellow base counterpart – like amber, and most of all, cashmeran to me, which has a peculiar aromatic silky/musky feel, really warm and cozy, somehow dusty. Balsamic notes and patchouli, both "minimal" but clear. Finally also both the violet and the pepper notes are there, the violet helps in reinforcing the aromatic, lively side, while pepper provides a really nice and subtle "tasty" heart. Kind of a rubbery feel, like palisander, which is a "side-smell" many woods have. Now, despite all the notes and accords I've listed, overall it is a really linear and dense scent, all is tightly "packed" together and wrapped in a really peculiar half-natural/half-synthetic blend. It almost seems the concept is to make naturals smell "synthetic", which is nice and interesting. And above all, the scent itself smells really good, the initial "pencil sharpener" smell turns into a woody/balsamic accord with a subtle earthy-patchouli base and a pleasant salty note (not iodine, just salty), ending in a really elegant and aromatic cozy drydown. Not a masterpiece as it smells a bit trendy to be honest, but it's well-made and also nor dull neither generic.


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