Naïviris EDP by Huitième Art

Year: 2010
Nose: Pierre Guillaume

A nice, honest, simple but dense iris soliflore, with a powdery/talcum feel but really spacious, light, clean and linear. It is practically a pure iris smell on a slightly darker and bolder base with a peculiar flavour, somehow between a fruity-sticky note and an animalic-rubbery note like a more vibrant safraleine smell, however really subtle – like a microscopic pulsating heart you reach with a microscope. Although I am not a fan of Pierre Guillaume I have to admit this is quite well made, it's minimal but well-balanced, kind of whispered but cute – the name fits it well, it's a "naif iris". It gets more and more ligher as minutes pass, ending on a talcum/white musks clean drydown: only for "skin scents" lovers. A bit too delicate and pale, but as long as you can smell it (hurry up!), it's nice. Terrible packaging (I normally don't care but... come on!).


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