Phileas EDT by Nina Ricci

Year: 1984
Nose: Unknown

Juniper, aldehydes, balsamic notes, pine needles, pungent dry green notes, a peculiar salty and almost metallic base, leather, geranium freshness. Spicy, unique, old crackling leather, squeaky gears, antique herbs with a rusty feel. The mossy/balsamic note is beautiful, fresh, not sticky neither resinous at all – vibrant, windy, dry. The base is unique as well, a sort of soapy feel but not in the usual "somptous iris" chypre meaning – more of a domestic, dry soap, for instance the Marseille soap or other cleaners. Then it emerges a gorgeous leather note with liquorice, patchouli and roasted coffe notes – again all really dry, earthy and straightforward. Earthy and herbal in a totally unique way, with a salty/rusty feel which is just perfect – and also, the perfect olfactory depiction of the cultural reference for this (a fictional Victorian explorer: herbs, leather, rust, it's all there). Not even that complex, just unique and one of a kind. Absolutely worth the purchase – which I am given to understand may be challenging: I keep my bottle safe - and really elegant.


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