Racine EDT by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Year: 1988
Nose: Jean-François Laporte

A nice scent indeed. The opening is fresh and pleasant, mostly pungent spicy lemon, with a slight camphor feel at the base (some linalool feeling like in many insecticides), on a really nice, dense and quite dark base, with mossy/earthy and sweet/mellow notes of, respectively, oak moss and sandalwood (the same exact sandal note you get - enriched and amplified - in Santal Noble). And, of course, vetiver: great, thick, tasty vetiver. With a bit of white musks perhaps – something soft and mellow. So basically the axe is citrus-vetiver-oakmoss-sandalwood. A bit retrò, but not that usual, as many "eau de colognes" tend to me more classic and light, avoiding this oakmoss/wood dark, organic and earthy vibe. With some floral notes also, so it's quite domesticated and elegant - earthy, but not "raw". This composition reminded me a lot of some Parfum d'Empire fragrances, or better, the way round – probably MPeG is one of the ispirations of Msr. Corticchiato. An elegant personality with a vibrant natural twist. The drydown has a persistent citral/verbena note which I don't enjoy much, but apart from that, it's really nice.


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