Welcome to my blog. I have created it mostly to write quick reviews of the fragrances I try or use, spanning from niche to designer and from vintage to new, trying not to behave too "snob" and be polite at my best. I am also on Basenotes, where I write my reviews as well - I just wanted to offer this other platform too, to have more room for sharing other material and interact with other perfume lovers and reviewers more closely and more freely. I am not interested in sponsorships and promotion or other stuff like that, so everything you will read will be my honest opinion about fragrances I will try for real, purchased/acquired by myself. My goal is just to learn, as I believe the effort to write down notes and thoughts is a great help and improvement, and hopefully, to be useful and nice to read - if I will manage to be readable, I am Italian and English is not my mother language, so please - be patient.



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