Milano Caffè by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

Year: 2013
Nose: Dominique Dubrana

Milano Caffè opens with an almost gourmand accord of cocoa beans, coffee (real, bitter, earthy and round coffee smell – forget the Nespresso absolute several so-called "coffee" scents deliver), with also woody-earthy notes of patchouli, vetiver, oak moss, dry resins, spices which initially are quite light, hiding behind the "gourmand" initial feel. Overall is a really peculiar, edible blend with a leather accent, really soft, cozy, aromatic, dark and dry but also sweet and rich, which effectively reflects its name – a sort of exotic, but also "civilized" austerity and refinement, with a mysterious and tasty elegant smell of coffee – an ingredient which I love (mostly because I love coffee), but it is really rarely used properly in perfumery. After a while the spices emerge more clearly, notably cloves, which for a while bring Milano Caffè closer to some "No. 88" scents. Also the dusty, dry but soft and warm vetiver note is now more detectable. Basically, in broad terms, it is a dark, spicy, woody and warm scent, really masculine and classy, with a warm heart of sweeter notes – a light, elegant sweetness, also quite earthy and organic since it's given by cocoa and coffee. Top notch style and quality as we can expect from Dubrana's standards. Surprisingly, Milano Caffè has also a bolder projection and a longer persistence if compared to others of this line. Mystical and sophisticated, refined and cozy, a nostalgic reference to an "old Milan" which sadly (speaking as Milanese...) is not there anymore.


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