R'oud Elements by Kerosene (2011)

Nose: John Pegg

The opening of R’oud Elements by Kerosene shows quite many features and recurring notes of America’s contemporary indie perfumery: powerful, slightly boozy-terpenic, dark and incredibly rich, halfway the dark-syrupiness à la (early) M7, mostly for the same amber-oud-booze-herbs structure, and the metallic black amber reminding me of some Slumberhouse scents. Above this, a sharp, sour, dry and aromatic greenish accord with bold metallic whiffs (which don’t sound cheap, though, as they seem “intended” to provide a sort of post-industrial feel, which I guess quite fits the brand – or at least its name) and a base woody accord in fact quite similar to oud – smoky, dry, animalic, with a compelling shady and warm richness. The sandalwood lies somewhere on the very base, just providing a subtle drop of sweetness well contrasting with the general smoky, dark and almost “rotten” vibe. Overall: not bad at all, I enjoy the contrasts between the dark notes and the hints of sweet colour, wrapped in a warm, dark amber and woody feel. After a while the bold metallic aftertaste gets kind of annoying to me, but at least it seems a creative choice with its “raison d’etre” here. The projection is quite loud and the texture in my opinion smells as much creative as quite “elementary” somehow (not minimal, rather just barely simple to the point of smelling clumsy from times to times), but as I said... solid.


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