1804 EDP by Histoires de Parfums

Year: 2001
Nose: Gérard Ghislain

Bergamot, vanilla, green notes, a fruity heart and white musks... and something else, which smells weird and terribly synthetic-generic from the very beginning. My first thought was: cheap summer scent. The base is a bit odd as well, it has a strange, rubbery, dry note with reminds me of the infamous safraleine that often "replaces" or amplifies leather notes... which however there are not, so this may be a trick of my nose, I believe that is the patchouli. Honestly I did not even feel the fruity notes at the beginning but they eventually come clearer after a while, and not to sound repetitive, they smell terribly plastic as well. I trust it's pineapple but it may as well be anything else. I won't say this is bad, in fact it is pleasant and even slightly evocative of (postcard) summer vibes... but it strongly reminds me a buckload of other cheaper and "mainstream" sporty colognes.


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