Trayee EDP by Neela Vermeire

Year: 2011
Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour

Delicate, natural ambery-vanilla base surrounding a beautiful dense accord of jasmin, fruity notes, ginger and resins, all perfectly balanced, sparkling and colourful like a pavé diamond. Fresh herbal-earthy base notes of patchouli and basil, with just a tight but rich heart of darker notes (oud). Rich and textured but not cloying, in fact it's all lively and graceful. It eventually get more dense and vibrant as minutes pass, also more resinous and spicy, reaching a splendid peak of savoury richness with a bold balsamic feel. A really evocative, aerial, vivid, romantic and "pictorial" scent, although not that distinctive - more "really good" than "great". It is complex, in a perfect Duchaufour style, but still you can easily "see" each note and accord on its own. The projection is a bit more closer to skin than you may think, and the drydown is long-lasting, mostly comprising a cozy and warm resinous-balsamic accord – which eventually gets a bit medicinal. To be really honest the drydown is a bit disappointing, as this final accord you get is a bit generic and weak – especially if comparing with the greatness of the initial stages. Strangely I feel the oud is very light here (which is a "pro" to me!).


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