Olympia Music Hall EDP by Histoires de Parfums

Year: 2012
Nose:  Gérald Ghislain

The opening is beautiful and bright: luminous, floral, elegant, fresh and romantic, with a hint of a classic "aldehydated" feel and talcum on the base. The evolution is equally great, the lilac note, the fruity accord, the suede-incense shady accord and the subtle but bold patchouli-woods base slowly emerge and take shape, each in its own subtle and balanced way, all in a musky-cocoa beans soft and discreet roundness. All remains however graceful and transparent, it's like "seeing" these notes floating beyond a frosted glass. It eventually becomes a bit more spicy, losing just a bit of light and brightness. I particularly like the subtle earthy note: if all this may make you think of a shy, pale and refined young countess, this shady earthy note is her little, nocturnal naughty secret. The drydown is great as well, the suede note turns eventually into a slight rubbery/dry feel, which however works great in keeping alive this tiny "gloomy secret side" of the scent. Also an unexpected green/balsamic/calonic light breeze comes and goes. My personal rating for this scent is favorable, but I agree with what diamondframe wrote on Basenotes – this kind of spacious and breezy "aeriality" would maybe work better for a room than on skin, hence my "not-that-enthusiastic" final rating.


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