Opus III by Amouage

Year: 2010
Nose: Karine Vinchon Spehner

Powerful opening, a violet that smells like iris, a mimosa as powerful as a tuberose, other (nice) flowers I don't get clearly. A classic, honest, well-executed floral chypre with a mimosa heart, an earthy and aromatic base of cedar and dry woods (that, weirdly, vanish quickly), softened by a gentle and pleasant vanillin-tonka note with a resinous touch. Green and balsamic feel coming and going. As I said, a classic, initially kaleidoscopic and opulent composition which just "switches volume off" too soon. In fact, its promising, musky, baroque, decadent, soapy, shady and bold chypre-poudrée personality evolves really quickly – or better say, tones down, losing much of its vitality, and what you get sooner than you expected is an elegant, pleasant but fairly dull and sleepy floral-talcum poudrée blend still with a persistent (evolving into "annoying") tonka note. And at this point you're probably already regretting the crazy price you paid for this. Decent!


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