L'Air du Desert Marocain EDTI by Tauer

Year: 2005
Nose: Andy Tauer

It took me a while to come up with a decent review of this (this does not imply the following actually is decent). I love this scent, but the only thing I could think of when spraying it on was: "it's so good, I love it, but I can not get why and what this smells like". In fact, this scent smells quite like nothing else. It is really unique and almost simple, meaning that once you spray it, you can instantly recognise it if you smell it later on elsewhere; but it has a really complex and tight texture, mostly synthetic for me (and not in a bad meaning), with a great balance and a superb evolution. The opening is really dense and breathtaking, and ambery-spicy accord which is hard to "enter". You have to just wait for it to open. Bold incense feel, in quite a contemporary and "chemical" way – I'd guess mostly due to the infamous ambroxan. I also get bergamot, lavender, cinnamon, cedar, vanilla, oak moss, some balsamic/stale vibes, with a super warm and vibrating silky heart. Not saying all that is here, it's just the suggestions I get. Plus, the architecture is really great, I rarely get in touch with such vaste, multidimensional, powerful and architectural scents. And the best is still yet to come. As minutes pass, and without losing a gram of power, it slowly opens up like a sunrise, the warm heart you felt somewhere there at the very center of the scent just comes closer and blossoms up, literally enlightening the fragrance. That is just great, I know it's perhaps a "synthetically-achieved" effect, but who cares; it's brilliant. It's like watching a dawn, it all becomes aerial and spacious, dimensional, and smells just great, slowly becoming cozy, dusty, ambery on a base of dark and dry woods and spices. I never felt the "air of Moroccan desert" in person, but this definitely depicts the ambiance really good. Great projection (a modern powerhouse, I'd say!) and an everlasting persistence.


Update: no Iso E as I presumptuosly blind-guessed, thanks Andy for your generous explanation & support!

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