Arabico EDP by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Year: Unknown
Nose: Unknown

Dark woods, cedar, vetiver (not listed, but personally I smell it), a floral/lavender "feel", something dense and animalic at the very deep heart of the scent which may just be due to woods, a lively citrus note. Splendid incense aroma all over, with a patchouli note that emerges slowly. Absolutely great and refined cologne: rich, aromatic, cozy, beautiful, with a noble and discreet personality and an Italian twist – our infamous ability to flawlessy be noble and lively, elegant and relaxed at the same time. A salty note eventually comes over. Decent projection and unexpectedly long persistence. The only "con" is that the drydown kind of "loses" itself in a generic mainstream "good scent" territory – which is probably a side-effect of some base aromachem (won't blind guess them, but it's some of that soft, mellow, clean, aromatic woody note like Iso E or Ambrox DL). Which still smells great, but just a bit more "generic", so again, super nice overall.


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