Peety by O'Driù

Year: 2013
Nose: Angelo Orazio Pregoni

The opening is, again, brilliant and unique: dark, velvety, in a nowhere between vanillin and frankincense, floating above a warm, thick sea of ambroxan and benzoin. Anise and liquorice on woods, with quite a number of spices, notably cloves, which Angelo seems quite fond of. Dense animalic heart, utterly sophisticated and captivating, shady and materic, with some sweet, sticky aromatic feel. Part of this you can feel it better in the sillage than close to skin. As other O'Driù scents, an abstract, compact composition which manages to smell at the same time totally pleasant, wearable and soothing, still interesting and complex. And incredibly smart. Which to me is quite a rare and precious feature, because many "avant-garde" scents smell either bad, or interesting but "un-wearable". This instead can be enjoyed as-is, or unwrapped and dissected like a magic candy. One of the really few scents around for which I'd use the term "new", and in fact, you'd better just stop reading this and just wear Peety (with or without "personalization"). Aerial and dimensional, futuristic and translucent, with the same oniric opalescence of Eva Kant, rarified and without a detectable structure, yet completely "clear" and... well, "there", hard to get and to describe with classic perfumery's terms and concepts, but perfectly "there". A really smart and fun interplay between naturals and aromachemicals, which also moves through different moods and ambients; once the opening evolves, it slowly becomes warmer and dustier, a floral heart emerges, and for a while you're close to a classic chypre, yet, as in a dream with your Charon driving you through a hall of mirrors, the chypre is destructured, appearing more linear, more abstract, more "fake", yet palpable and tasty. Rubbery tar echoes emerge too, drowned in a sticky lotion that makes them sound restrained, "mute" and pale. The fil rouge here, and also the link to other O'Driù scents, is a sharp medicinal vibe comprising vanillin and cloves, pungent and vivid like a blood-stained gauze, as if sniffing that was the key to access this surrealist, oniric, mutating gallery of realms and suggestion. The warm, dusty ambroxan base – not sure about the material, however that is how it smells to me – makes this scent a bit close to Tauer's style, I agree with Darvant on Basenotes; although here is just more... bizarre. It's warm and soothing, but also somehow morbid. After a couple of hours an animalic note pops out again, dry and rubbery, which then drowns down again, and you're back again on that warm medicinal amber-spicy sea, with its synthetic sharpness and a dusty, geometric feel. The drydown is mostly based on this warm and dusty ambery-vanillin-medicinal accord, which is terribly sophisticated and really pleasant, and also incredibly persistent. It was with me basically the whole day. A totally consistent, dense scent, in which you hardly smell something you have already smelled elsewhere, which manages to be totally pleasant and the same time, totally and genuinely new to all extents. You just come back to smell it again and again, like something you don't want to see because you don't get it, yet you keep spying and peeping. Intriguing, versatile, refined, playful and irresistibile.

(and now comes the joke I saved there for the whole time: "I tried to pee in my sample, but I wasn't able to hit it").


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