Lyric Woman EDP by Amouage

Year: 2008
Nose: Unknown

Superb floral opening, thick, dense, powerful, overwhelming, with rich rose notes, so rich they're almost syrupy, oriental and spicy, on a shady and dark woody base. A classic chypre with an exotic-oriental twist, a powdery musky feel and a slight salty note which gives the scent a sensual carnality. Then it slowly blossoms and opens in a breezy, invigorating balsamic vortex on woody notes, always with a heart of tasty rose and a counter-chorus of resinous notes, on a deep base which smells almost like castoreum, also with a pleasant earthy-green fresh accord which gets bolder as minutes pass. At the same time, from the base obscurity it emerges a vanilla-talcum dusty accord which becomes a soft "pillow" for the central sensual accord of rose, spices and woods. With a perfect tiny hint of patchouli which gives just the right amount of heartiness. Words fail a bit; it's a real symphony of notes, there's quite many, in many directions, and with many nuances, all perfectly harmonized with the rose-centered bone structure. A great and sumptuous harmony. Elegant, rich, perfectly-executed, aerial and dimensional, imaginative and evocative, totally addictive, with just the right sillage that accompanies every movement you make, like music in a musical, and the right persistence. The drydown lasts for ages in a cozy, soft, nostalgic silky accord of flowers and delicate, warm vanilla notes. Still a bit overpriced, but a great scent for sure.


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