Cara EDP by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Year: Uknown
Nose: Unknown

Beautiful opening of dense and natural vanilla, really simple and genuine, with a light and lively floral heart (which globally gets this close to galaxolide, but still more vibrant and cute, less sweet and above all, less synthetic). Bright green feel, which then becomes more crunchy and pungent before gently fading away. Even a slight medicinal/alcoholic feel. Soft and mellow, and again really delicate, basenotes comprising white musks and amber. Then, a really nice salty (not iodine) note emerges, and the scent slowly turns into some more natural version of Odeur 53: a delicate and really pleasant smell of "clean skin", with kind of a beach vibe – again, not in the "iodine" meaning, more the smell your skin gets while you're under the sun, that salty but "scented" feel (as you've probably been putting on some tanning cream hours before). Really light, simple and dry. Must say I am usually not a fan of this type of scents, but this is really nice and well made, it is really minimal, pale, graceful and delicate, with an unpredictable evolution and an overall good quality of both materials and composition, as far as I can smell. Also, projection and sillage are more solid than you may think – it's delicate, but it's there and you feel it. Pretty and refined!


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