Chia EDP by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Year: Unknown
Nose: Unknown

A pleasant gourmand scent comprising vanilla and almond with tasty and dense floral notes on an ambery/musky base. A particularly nice, distinguished and "organic" gourmand, nor cloying neither amplified or sickening; sweet but balanced, silky, dusty, so in a word, "simple". The almond note in particular is good: I don't like almonds (I mean real ones too), but here at least it's not that usual heavy/resinous "accord of" almond many scents have, rather a single, real, almost slightly roasted almond – which works fine and discreetly. There is something dissonant, a bitter note which I don't get precisely, that somehow tones down and restrains an otherwise "total" sweetness – and I like that too. As minutes pass it slowly blossoms and opens up in a real nice and lively floral scent, while the initial bold sweet notes gently "settle" down on the base. Everything's simple, bright, relaxed, really elegant and refined while keeping it delicate. Not my cup of tea, personally, and a bit... apparently dull, perhaps, or to say it better, "shy" or pale; but it has its own and peculiar not-that-common refined simplicity which makes it worth a try.


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