Ore Parfum Extrait by Slumberhouse

Year: 2009
Nose: Josh Lobb

I'm completely sold to Slumberhouse. This is just the freshest stuff around, at least in the indie niche segment. The opening is again, as all of Lobb's scents, sharp and powerful, vivid and perfectly crafted like a sculpture in raw wood: dusty, earthy, sweet cocoa beans, so earthy and raw that they smell like patchouli, on cistus and whiskey notes, with a totally peculiar resinous, mossy, dry amber base. Dark woods. The most dense, dark, thick, luscious, ambiguous and foggy gourmand I have ever smelled, that vibrant cocoa prominent note is just brilliant, so tasty and silky, and dusty like black concrete. Half-velvety, half-milky neon-green balsamic vein with echoes of vanillin and anise pulsating below – Slumberhouse's signature accord. Unique, brilliant, sophisticated in its own peculiar way, with an incredible balance of notes, a lot of facets with a compact, consistent overall vibe. A blend of raw, organic naturals with aromachemicals – that addicting, intriguing "retro-futuristic" vein under almost all the scents of this – allow me this idiotic word – "genius" indie house. An overwhelming talent with a perfect craft and stunning materials. The evolution is equally great, it loses a bit of dustiness, the balsamic breeze gets a bit more space, and the dry, yet rubbery dark tar-woods emerge more clearly. Quite a linear evolution, though – that may be the only con. For me, hats off.


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