M Parfum Extrait by Puredistance

Year: 2010
Nose: Roja Dove

The opening is marvelous, clear, sharp, amazingly elegant and cozy. I detect patchouli, aromatic woods, cedar, vetiver, a floral accord, sweet resinous spices, cinnamon, a gorgeous leather note (soft like suede, initially) with a bold talcum-soft feel. All is aerial and dimensional, almost geometrical, at the same time plushy, silky and mellow. A lot of suggestions and images come to mind, there's an oriental vein blended with a totally contemporary Western personality. Quite complex and textured, really compact, just smelling beautiful and great like Fetish pour Homme, and also quite on the same "concept" too: basically, a renovated, modern "masculine classic", with some nostalgic fougère/chypre accords blended with a new and more modern sensibility. A tight and harmonic scent full of nuances you feel better in the sillage than on skin. What I like the most is an irresistible accord of leather, flowers (jasmine?), delicate woods (cashmeran, cedar?) and spices blended with a talcum-balsamic accord, something that just captivates me I don't know why precisely... like those scents you link to people you love, or loved. So distinguished and majestic, without being "opulent". As minutes pass a talcum cloud emerges and "explodes" in all its dreamy and narcotic dustiness, and again, a symphony of nuances, mellow woods, flowers, leather. Then it all starts to dry and the bone-structure emerges more clearly, which I said, it's quite a classic fougère/chypre texture, incredibly sophisticated, soft, mossy and velvety. As many other reviewers already noticed, a couple of scents come to mind at this point, two legendary scents to which this one almost sounds like a "tribute": Moschino pour Homme and Bel Ami. The leather accord with a talcum/floral "gentleness" is one of the best I've ever smelled, it smells really perfectly. The drydown is great as well, more bitter and dry, but well balanced, and doesn't reveal the sadly-too-usual safraleine cheapness (burnt rubber). Utter elegance. The quality is uncompromising and really high, of both materials and composition. Still, the price is completely insane, pretentious and megalomaniac, and not in a way that I'd say "... but it's worth it". It's not, it's great and stuff, but it's not worth that cost. Just grab a sample and try it, then enjoy the hundreds of equally good (or better) fragrances around.


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