parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Kyoto EDT by Comme des Garçons

Year: 2002
Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour

A martial, quintessential smoky/incense meditative scent, linear, grey and green, simple but comprising and bringing to life an entire heritage. Cedar and burning incense with a balsamic breeze, a splendid vibrant evocation of the Japanese traditional milieu, in a rarified, thin, oniric but palpable ambiance like in a Mizoguchi fairytale, with those "suspended", out-of-time foggy settings. Ambergris on the base and a green breeze, really light but palpable, with perhaps a tiny note of tea or some similar aroma, which gives a slight sweet-syrupy feel at the very microscopic heart of the scent, to kind of emulsify the blend. Really elegant and wearable, perhaps the most delicate and cozy among the line, and also the most "close to skin". Basically, coming back to Earth for a second, a bomb of Iso E and other aromachems, but Duchaufour manages to make you forget about it: it's superb and powerful - the proof that anything can turn into unforgettable gold in the right hands. Another beauty from a milestone series (and a milestone perfumer, which however I often do not like much, but I venerate his contributions to this line).


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