L'Intrigante EDP by D'Orsay

Year: 2010
Nose: Marie-Anne de Puy Raimond

Graceful and lively opening of rose and a powdery, aromatic and bright floral note which I am given to know it's camelia, green notes, opoponax/resins, vanillin, citrus (a nice orange note, so more sweet and mellow, with neroli and orange blossoms). The base is a sweet-fruity musky accord similar to galaxolide, so quite a round, warm, almost slightly creamy embrace, with a pleasant fresh green note, a fruity touch and a realistic mellow suede note. Aldehydes also, perhaps. This is like one of those super cheap, still decently-crafted bijoux: it's not gold, neither silver, but still it sparkles and shines and it will do its job for a night's out. A silky, elegant, graceful, bit of a bath-soapy poudrée scent. Safe, with enough persistence and a good projection. Simple and decent!


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