1876 EDP by Histoires de Parfums

Year: 2001
Nose: Gérard Ghislain

Carnation, rose, spices, resins, vanilla, white musks, ginger (I know it is not listed but I somehow smell something similar), sandalwood, light citrus notes, and some other floral notes I am unable to get precisely. Soft and slightly powdery. I read iris is here: glad to know. A rather classic structure with a transparent spring feel, pleasant and balanced, with a refreshing balsamic breeze coming and going. The sweet accord (which smells a bit like gingerbread to me) is a little overhelming and cloying, I wish it managed to stay lighter. Beautiful dusty base of dry woody-tobacco-like notes with a nice herbaceous/mossy feel. Globally nice but also "neither flesh nor flow", basically an "eau de cologne" (European meaning) with a chypre heart, a feminine twist, and a masculine drydown. Pleasant and refined but a bit dull.


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