1826 EDP by Histoires de Parfums

Year: 2001
Nose: Gérard Ghislain

The opening is quite much different depending on whether you test it on paper or on skin. I usually don't use paper strips, this time I did it just for curiosity and once I tried this I was like "I love this!"... well lucky for me I also tested it on skin before both writing a review and deciding if it was purchase worthy (spoiler: it wasn't). Basically it opens with a peculiar and bold accord of violet-lilac, mellow white musks and a patchouli note which is so velvety, dusty and sweet that together with ginger and cinnamon it basically creates a sort of "choco-like" accord with a resinous/spicy feel. And that is precisely what I do not like here much – it is kind of "too much" unbalanced a bit overhelming, shouting over the rest of the notes, notably the floral notes. On paper this smelled just perfect and far more balanced – it was heavenly. It is silky, soft, almost milky and quite elegant, with a slight earthy-herbal-balsamic accord... but also much sweet all over. Besides, the drydown eventually evolves towards a rather generic, vaguely ambery/woody aromatic, kind of ambrox smell, not that natural either. So it's kind "too much" at the beginning and "too little" at the end. Perhaps I was unlucky with my skin, but I find this a bit wrong at a couple of stages. Nonetheless, if you like that type of accords I named and/or this works differently on your skin, than it may turn into a great scent as it initially was on paper for me – I'll just say: not for a blind-buy, better try it and wear it before.


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