Geste EDP by Humiecki & Graef

Year: 2009
Nose: Christophe Laudamiel, Christoph Hornetz

The opening is nice and interesting, and unlike other Humiecki & Graef scents, at least here it manages to stay like this for its whole life cycle. Aldehydes, some camphor-medicinal vibe, a lot of spices, an anise-amber base, some sticky/silky note I do not get entirely but fits perfectly, aerial and geometrical floral notes which smell almost like magnolia and tuberose, some slight honey notes, and finally a balsamic-incense subtle accord. A bit hard to describe: in fact it's a round, thick and dense smell, overall really nice, wearable, interesting and fresh, which feels like a double face half-velvety half-metallic piece of some avant-garde cloth, icy and intriguing at the same time, although a bit cold and unfriendly like a "non-place" (airport lounges and those kind of "non-lieux" as Marc Augé called them). As minutes pass the scent gets a simpler and more defined shape, becoming a pleasant, cozy and well-executed narcotic and musky floral on amber and aromatic woods. Really nice, still with a bit of "weird", which is cool and keeps your attention and curiosity up. It then slowly kind of loses this contemporary "avantgardeness" and goes back in time, settling on a rich, nostalgic, bold central note of honeysuckle on vanilla, quite dusty and round, pleasant and with a slight boozy feel. This is what remains from the initial structure, like a futuristic building collapsing and revealing ancient ruins. It's an interesting and nice feeling, although the the "con" counterpart of this is that at this stage it is also a bit more predictable and dull – in fact, the drydown is nice, soapy, silky and floral: tons of scents do that, but if you want to, say, "reach it" via a different way, then this is worth a try.


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