Blackbird Perfume Extrait by House of Matriarch

Year: 2012
Nose: Christi Meshell

The opening is black and dusty, with tobacco, leather, ambroxan, perhaps vetiver, green-balsamic notes. Amazingly sophisticated and contemporary, a super mellow and sensual leather (suede side), with a splendid herbal/balsamic/resinous feel, olibanum, and just the right amount of perfectly-shaped futuristic synthetic notes. Then it eventually slowly blossoms up a medicinal accord with cumin and cloves. A gloomy, ambiguous, elegant but somehow erotic feel, really evocative, fascinating, perfectly-executed – and the scent itself smells just gorgeous. Elegant, somehow rarefied and thin but still with a bold and hieratic presence, it then evolves on a fougère territory just without flowers and spices, keeping it on a balsamic-leather accord with a slight metallic/salty feel. Sensual, sweet, slightly narcotic (the cannabis note, which to me is just a well-played cashmeran note, but nonetheless, "it works"). The oud note emerges slowly, discreetly, giving shape and bitterness to the dark and dense base notes. The persistence is awesome, discreet but really long. A dark, closed-down, elegant hotel room just above the sea in a cloudy day, windows slightly open, the balmy-mossy notes coming in from outside, a salty-green breeze caressing the sheets, the curtains, the garments someone abandoned there. Overpriced (it seems we must get used to that) but brilliant.


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